Frank Nelson was one of the premier actors of radio. In the 1980s, he compiled this list of his radio and TV appearances (the first appearance on each program). The list is part of a larger summary of his career that appears elsewhere on this site.

Feb. 7 Burns & Allen
April 8 Hall of Fame
May 6 Chase & Sanborn
June 1 Jack Benny (38 years)
Oct. 3 Log Cabin
Feb. 13 Mary Pickford Show
Feb. 26 Bing Crosby Show
March 8 Hollywood Hotel (Leading Man for Motion Picture Stars)
June 4 Red Trails
June 29 Shell Chateau (Announced show for two years)
March 1 Leslie Howard
March 13 First Nighter
June 1 Lux Radio Theatre (Announcer for two years)
Oct. 1 Joe E. Brown Show (Featured Performer during run of show)
Jan. 4 Amos ‘N Andy
Jan. 12 The Al Jolson Show
Jan. 24 Walter Winchell
Feb. 16 Jack Oakie College
Feb. 17 Frank Morgan Show
March 16 Alka-Nox
April 25 Eddie Cantor Show
June 5 Grace Moore Show
Aug. 5 Showboat
Sept. 29 One Man’s Family
Nov. 14 Silver Theatre
Jan.16 Tyrone Power Show
April 1 Lum ‘N Abner
April 30 I opened the new CBS studios on Sunset Blvd., as I started every show starting a 6 AM and finishing at midnite. Charlie Vanda of CBS hired me for the day for $50.00. I later told him that had AFRA been in existence, it would have cost him a couple of thousand. To which he replied – “Hell, if AFRA had been in, I wouldn’t have hired you!”
July 3 Passing Parade
Sept. 29 Good News of 1938
Oct. 5 Texaco Star Theatre
Nov. 17 The MGM Show
Jan. 10 The Hedda Hopper Show
Jan. 30 Those We Love
Jan. 31 Fibber McGee & Molly
June 7 Kay Kyser’s Kollege
June 13 Big Town
July 24 Blondie (I was Herb Woodley, the next-door neighbor 6 yrs.)
Sept. 7 Good News of 1939
Nov. 6 Sherlock Holmes
Nov. 10 Sunkist Show
Dec. 23 Arch Oboler Show
Dec. 30 Gene Autry’s Melody Ranch
July 21 Signal Carnival
Oct. 18 I Want a Divorce
Oct. 24 Rudy Vallee Show
March 24 Point Sublime
April 24 Tommy Riggs Show
Sept. 12 3-Ring Time (39 weeks with Milton Berle)
Sept. 14 Great Gildersleeve
Oct. 12 Flagg and Quirt Show
Dec. 17 The Dizzy Duncans (Starred in show)
Dec. 30 Horace Heidt Show
Feb. 2 Orson Welles Show
March 29 The Screen Guild Show
Feb. 18 The Bob Burns Show
Feb. 28 The Ransom Sherman Show
June 30 Date With Judy
July 22 Roma Wine Show
Sept. 7 Judy Canova Show
Sept. 30 The Maxwell House Show
Jan. 4 Red Skelton Show
Jan. 13 Sealtest Show (Featured Performer over 2 years)
Jan. 23 Life of Riley
Feb. 23 Frank Sinatra Show
Feb. 26 Corliss Archer
March 3 People Are Funny
April 12 Dr. Christian
June 8 Dinah Shore Show
July 18 The Philip Morris Show
Sept. 14 The Joan Davis Show
Sept. 17 Toasties Time
Oct. 1 Hall of Fame
Oct. 29 Ozzie and Harriet
Jan. 6 The Danny Kaye Show
April 25 The Billie Burke Show
May 20 The Eddie Bracken Show
May 30 The Jack Carson Show
June 20 The Saint
July 19 Maisie
Sept. 23 The Fannie Brice Show
Oct. 25 Abbott & Costello
Nov. 30 Durante-Moore Show
Jan. 6 The Baby Snooks Show (worked weekly thru entire series)
March 15 The Ginny Simms Show
May 3 Duffy’s Tavern
June 7 The Alan Young Show
June 8 The Jack Kirkwood Show
Oct. 3 The Dick Haymes Show
Oct. 8 Bob Hope Show
Oct. 13 The Phil Harris Show
Nov. 19 My Friend Irma
May 12 The Victor Borge Show
May 28 The Dennis Day Show
Oct. 19 Meet Me At Parky’s (Featured Performer thruout Series)
Nov. 26 The Jack Paar Show
Jan. 30 The Danny Thomas Show
Feb. 4 The Tony Martin Show
Feb. 11 The Jimmy Durante Show
March 24 Beulah
June 17 Hallmark Theatre
June 26 Steve Allen Show
Sept. 27 Our Miss Brooks
Oct. 16 My Favorite Husband
Jan. 30 Life With Luigi
April 5 Martin & Lewis
Jan. 27 Screen Directors Playhouse
June 15 Sara’s Caper
March 28 Dr. Christian
Feb. 3 Donald O’Connor Show (TV)
Feb. 27 Eb & Zeb (TV)
March 9 Jack Benny (TV)
April 11 I Love Lucy (TV)
May 21 Edgar Bergen Show
Oct. 17 Corliss Archer
April 5 Life With Luigi (TV)
June 16 My Little Margie
June 27 Saturday Nite Revue (TV)
Jan. 11 The Ray Milland Show
Jan. 30 The Roy Rogers Show
March 9 Suspense
July 28 Make Room for Daddy (TV)
Feb. 1 Private Secretary (TV)
June 28 Climax (TV)
Oct. 14 Sally (TV)
Feb. 13 Shower of Stars (TV)
Feb. 19 The Betty White Show (TV)
Nov. 19 The Real McCoys (TV)
Feb. 26 I Married Joan (TV)
April 8 The Flintstones (TV)
July 28 Dennis the Menace (TV)
Sept. 22 Oh, Those Bells (TV)
Feb. 15 Angel (TV)
Dec. 12 Pete & Gladys (TV)
Jan. 2 The Phil Silvers Show
Aug. 27 The Addams Family (TV)
Dec. 13 Petticoat Junction (TV)

The following credits were obtained from TV and film reference sources:


Down Memory Lane (1949)
The Milkman (1950)
You Never Can Tell (1951)
Bonzo Goes to College (1952)
Remains to be Seen (1953)
So You Want to Know Your Relatives (1954)
It Should Happen to You (1954)
Kiss Them for Me (1957)
The Malibu Bikini Shop (1984)


The Jack Benny Show
…..Regular performer

The Hank McCune Show
…..Regular performer

The Betty White Show (1958)
…..Regular performer

I Love Lucy
…..”Lucy Gets Ricky on the Radio”
…..”The Great Train Robbery”
…..”Ricky and Fred are TV Fans”
…..”Lucy Changes Her Mind”
…..”The Quiz Show”
…..”The Million Dollar Idea”
…..”Ricky’s Hawaiian Vacation”
…..”Ricky’s Movie Offer”
…..”Return Home From Europe”
…..”Lucy Gets Chummy with the Neighbors”
…..”Country Club Dance”

Frank also did voice work in a number of animated projects.
Another TV guest appearance was the 1982 Tim Curry episode of Saturday Night Live.

More credits can be found at Frank Nelson’s IMDB page

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  1. I watched an old movie recently on TV. It was titled “Kiss Them for Me” starring Cary Grant, Suzy Parker, Jayne Mansfield, Ray Walston, and a supporting role actor who looked very familiar. He played the part of the hotel manager. I thought it was the guy who used to be on Jack Benny’s radio and TV shows occasionally with his familiar line, “Eeee-Yeeeeessssss?” (he didn’t use this line in the movie). I did a little research and found out it was Frank Nelson. Your helpful website supplied the missing link that he was, indeed, in “Kiss Them for Me.” Thanks!

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